Help2Protect (H2P) is an e-learning platform, which was created at the end of 2018 as the main deliverable of the EU-funded project AITRAP on Insider Threats. The co-beneficiaries of the original project were:

  • Securitas Transport Aviation Services;
  • Securitas Transport Aviation Security;
  • DHL Express;
  • Palmyra Aviation Advisors.

The project was coordinated by CoESS – the Confederation of European Security Services.

This is an upgrade of the Help2Protect initial platform, taken over by two of the authors of the original team. The project covered the free access to the platform until the end of 2021. As of 1 January 2022, the training product and its resources are available for purchase.

Not only is the need to raise awareness and train staff to detect and protect against Insider Threats as high as ever before. It is now, or will soon become, a legal obligation in certain industries to have Insider Threat policies in place. More generally, companies and organisations need to become aware of the risk of insiders and the potential cost entailed by them. This is an element of due diligence aiming to protect the company resources, human and financial, as well as its brand and reputation.

The Covid19 crisis has created new challenges, as it is much more difficult to maintain cohesion within teams working from a distance, and thus pick subtle signals of discontent, which might lead to intentionally malicious or negligent behaviour.

What makes Help2Protect special, is the fact that the team that took over are actual security practitioners who are closely and daily in touch with EU and International security organisations and decision-makers. They use their field experience to make the modules rich and real. Finally, they also have a deep understanding of the human psychology, as well as training and coaching experience.