Is your organisation ready to detect and prevent Insider Threats? At which stage of preparation are you and your staff? Does your staff know how to identify red flags, and when, how and to whom they should report them? Do you know how to set up an Insider Threat Program? These are some of the issues that the updated Help2Protect platform will help you solve.

The successor of the widely known and acclaimed e-learning platform on Insider Threat is now live, and operated by Help2Protect SRL, a new company created by the project manager and the coordinator of the initial Insider Threat project AITRAP, co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union. The platform features updates of the material initially developed by the AITRAP project, with the expertise of Securitas, DHL, Palmyra Aviation Advisors and CoESS. currently hosts two sets of eLearning tools:

  • Insider Threat Awareness Training, and
  • Insider Threat Program Development Training.

The target audience is any organisation that wishes to protect its people, assets and infrastructure against Insider Threats, be they accidental, negligent or malicious. While initially directed at transportation, energy and critical infrastructure, the tools can easily be implemented in any type of business environment. The ultimate goal of Help2Protect is to help stakeholders raise their staff’s awareness to the Insider Threat and help security specialists build an Insider Threat prevention program from scratch.

Whilst the vast majority of employees are loyal and honest, a very small but potentially very dangerous minority may try to damage an organisation for a variety of reasons. As highlighted by the case studies used in the e-learning modules, various transportation providers, nuclear power plants, research institutes and many Critical Infrastructure around the world have been the target of Insider Threats’ attempted sabotage and attacks, which – if they had been successful – could have caused major damage and casualties. The threat may also come from (sub-)contractors, consultants, interim and temporary staff.

The threat may be intentional and malicious, but it may also arise from negligence when employees have a low security culture. Finally, it can be accidental, and this is very often because employees simply lack training.

The Help2Protect modules are designed to make sure that organisations, including those operating Critical Infrastructure or Public Spaces, are able to function smoothly, without unwanted disruption and are well protected. This implies spotting and stopping those who seek to harm before it is too late or cut corners with security and put the organization at risk.

The updated modules include recent case studies in a wide range of industries and of various types, including data theft and sabotage. It addresses the new challenges raised by COVID19 and a workforce that is no longer physically present in the office, and with which it is more difficult to build and maintain social ties. It expands on the need for more awareness of the human dimension of cyberattacks and how to adopt simple measures that will prevent most attacks.

Furthermore, the updated platform includes self-test quizzes after each module and a quiz for the whole training package. A certificate is also available at the end of the learning program.

Both sets of modules, the Awareness Training and the Program Development Training are available for purchase as of now. The platform is fully automated and can be reached 24/7.

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