“In my role as Aviation Security responsible for DHL Express for both the regulated entities in our EU Network as well for the regulated entities in 3rd countries (ACC3’s, RA3’s and KC3’s), I use the Help2Protect tools to better increase the awareness on the Insider Threat and, by that, more effectively mitigate the risk evolving from the Insider Threat.”

J. (Hans) Streumer, Senior Director Hubs & Gateway – and Aviation Security Europe DHL Express European Head Office

“Having an Insider Threat program in place is part of corporate governance. The Help2Protect platform is very helpful, in that it provides all the tools that are need to both raise awareness to the Insider Threat, and help build a program from scratch.”

Johan Gordts, Chairman, Aviation Security Services Association – international

“The use of real-case scenarios is valuable because discussing real insider threat incidents can help staff and organizational leaders to acknowledge their organization’s vulnerability to insider threats.” 

Mathias Reveraert, PhD researcher, Insider Threat, University of Antwerp

“As a Security Professional, I can only stress the importance of having an Insider Threat Programme in place, no matter what business you are in.  The Help2Protect platform was built by security professionals and practitioners, in cooperation with learning specialists. It provides the tools to raise the staff’s awareness and train the people in charge of security to set up a comprehensive Insider Threat prevention programme.”

Vinz Van Es, Chairman of CoESS – Confederation of European Security Services