Training details: Program Development Training
In this 3 hour online training program, you will find out how you can develop an effective Insider Threat Program for your organisation.
Module 1
Duration: 15 minutes
Why every organisation should have an Insider Threat Program
Find out what the Insider Threat is Explore threat data Discover the ROI of Insider Threat Programs
Module 2
Duration: 25 minutes
The Insider knows the organisation and still wants to harm it
Explore six cases Learn more about the prediposition, drivers and motivation of the Insider Find out …
Module 3
Duration: 17 minutes
Insider Threat models help understand the malicious Insider
Explore various Insider Threat models Find out what the threat indicators are Research the evolution of …
Module 4
Duration: 25 minutes
A holistic approach is essential for the development of an effective Insider Threat Program
Learn about the challenges of building an effective Insider Threat Program …
Module 5
Duration: 20 minutes
Human resources are key to a successful Insider Threat Program
Find out why safe hiring is essential Explore the possibilities of continous evaluation Learn that …
Module 6
Duration: 13 minutes
Creating awareness
Learn that a communication strategy is essential when you are creating awareness Explore the conditions for effective training Find out how …
Module 7
Duration: 17 minutes
Best practices
Meet 3 security experts with vast Insider Threat Program building experience Find out what we have learned so far from effective programs