The main services consist in delivering the e-training programs fully online, and therefore accessible 24/7.

In the future, we would like to offer online feedback sessions on a quarterly basis, where users of the program would exchange experience and issues they have come across. This would enable them to reinforce their policies and learn from each other.

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Training Programs

The initial modules that were produced on the e-learning platform, and have been upgraded are:

  • The Insider Threat Awareness module, aimed for the wide public of transportation and critical infrastructure workers and employees, but also suitable for any type of company;
  • The Insider Threat Program Development Module, aimed for industry managers who need to create their own Insider Threat program.

Additional modules are being developed, including:

  • Train the Trainer, a complement to the Insider Threat Program building module
  • A Security Culture module
  • Other modules specialized in security and leadership targeted at both the transportation industries and (public) operators of critical infrastructure

The e-learning platform was built on the vast experience of the project’s co-beneficiaries, the analysis of an extensive body of literature on Insider Threat, the lessons from many case studies and cross-examining these with the various theoretical models available.